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Sterling Silver Value Per Ounce

Finding the correct weight

The value of silver is constantly upgrading and it is important for you to know the sterling silver value per ounce in order to estimate how much your silver is worth, at any given point of time. The first thing that you should do is to weight your silver and find the weight in troy ounces. One avoirdupois ounce contains 28.35 grams in it, and a troy ounce contains 31.1 grams to it. One ounce also equals .911 troy ounces and hence you can calculate the weight accordingly.

Purity of Sterling silver

The purity should also be taken into consideration as no silver is completely pure. The silver ware usually has purity less than hundred and is probably 99.9% pure silver, hence this value can be multiplied with the weight in troy ounce to get the actual amount of sterling silver present in your silver ware. If this is multiplied with the spot price of silver, then you can avail the worth of the particular piece and thereby the sterling silver value per ounce.

Finding the metal value

If you have some sterling jewelry and need to find its value, then you must know that this kind of jewelry has two values to it. The value of the raw materials present in the silver piece and the retail price of the piece. Obviously, the former will be less and will be the one you receive when you plan to sell your jewelry. This is the price you will get for the scrap metal and you need to find its melt value. In order to find the price for sterling silver, you need to multiply the spot price of silver by .925. This will give the sterling silver value per ounce. This price can be multiplied with the weight of the silver present in your jewelry piece, to get the value. You can avail the weight of your actual silver present in the jewelry, by multiplying the total weight with 92.5%, as the rest is made of other metals that are alloys used to make the jewelry sturdier.

Identifying marks of sterling silver

To identify a real 925 silver piece, or a sterling silver piece, you need to look for specific markings, which shows .925, or just 925, which can be seen on the clasp or the inside portion of the bands in rings. Some people even try to smell the piece in order to detect a copper or brass odor. It is also advisable to buy silverware from reputed dealers in order to obtain a high sterling silver value per ounce. Look for the authentication and finally also look at the price, as sterling silver is definitely a little pricey and if you find some really cheap silver jewelry, its most probably not sterling silver.

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