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Silver Value Today

The silver value today makes it imperative that one realizes the importance of investing in this precious metal. It is not only a precious metal, but is also used in industry for a thousand applications, due to its thermal and electrical conductivity. Silver is continuously being used in new industries, and hence the demand is ever increasing. It was traditionally used in the form of jewelry and silver ware such as tableware, but due to the industrial demand, the value is slowly but surely rising.

Investment at major Exchanges

Silver coins have been around since ages and are the oldest form of coined money. When compared to gold, this was more practical, as gold is too expensive and valuable for circulating. You can find the current or spot price of silver on various trading websites, and it is quoted in troy ounces. You can either invest in physical silver or enter into Silver futures contracts at major exchange markets, such as COMEX, where you can invest in 1000 ounce bars. Most of the activity going on these major trade exchanges is by traders who bid according to the silver value today, and try to make profits based on the price fluctuation.

Individual Investment

The prices set at these exchange markets may vary from the prices at which individuals by smaller amounts of silver, either in the form of coins or bars. This is because these individuals buy silver in the form of physical bars and coins, whereas the traders invest in it in the form of paper contracts. The COMEX price can differ from the silver price for individuals in as much as double the amount. The normal investor can buy either the one ounce bullion coins or ten ounce bars, as this investment will help him to diversify his portfolio in case of sudden crash of some other form of investment or the currency itself.

Silver Gold Price Ratio

You can also predict the silver value today by means of the silver gold ration. Traditionally, the gold and silver price maintains a historical ratio of 1:16, which means that one ounce of gold, is equivalent to 16 ounces of silver, but this is only in the long run, and cannot be said of everyday prices of the two precious metals. Hence, if the investor notices too much of a deviation from this ratio, it can be stated fairly accurately that there is an expected return to the mean in the near future, as the price of silver can at times be very volatile.

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