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Silver Value of Coins

Purity of the silver coin

The silver value of coins is measured in troy ounces. A troy pound consists of 12 troy ounces, whereas it has 16 ounces (avoirdupois) in it, showing the greater value of a troy pound when compared to an ordinary or common ounce. In order to sell your silver coins, you need to find the exact silver value of coins. This can be done by calculating the actual amount of silver present in the coin, by using the purity content mentioned on it.

Assessing the purity of your silver coin

However, there are also some calculators that are available which can find the total value of silver in your coins. This is based on the type of coin that you have, such as nickel, dime or a quarter and so on. At these websites, you need to enter your coin type and the number of coins that you have and then press the calculate button. You will then obtain the silver value of coins, based on the spot price of silver at that given point of time.

Factors affect the silver value

You can buy silver coins directly from the US Mint or the Canadian Silver coins, or Russian silver coins. The Silver value of coins and the prices are affected by various factors, such as the rarity of the coin. Rare silver coins are naturally more valuable than the common ones. They may look the same, but the value comes from the year and the mint mark of the coin. The value of silver coins can also be affected by the purity which is expressed in percentage or a decimal.

Grade and Quality

No silver coin has 100% silver in it, and will have some alloy, such as copper. However, silver coins with the maximum amount of silver in it will have a greater value. The grading or quality of the silver coin is also important. Even if there is a difference of one grade in the coins, the price of the coins can change. The spot price or the current price of silver in the market can also affect the value of silver, and this is especially seen in the value of the cheaper coins, rather than the expensive silver coins.

You can find the latest coin prices of all kinds of silver coins in the coin catalog, which gives the silver value of American coins, Canadian ones and British coins along with other foreign coins. If you wish to sell any of your coins, you can also post the details and pictures of your coins on their forum and assess the latest silver value of coins.

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