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Silver Value History

Knowing trends through history

The silver value chart along with the trends and price changes along a period of time, such as the previous months or years is provided at various trading websites and exchanges. In this way, the investor can follow the silver value history, in order to understand trends and make the correct decisions regarding buying and selling of silver, at the strategic moment. You can also observe the average monthly or yearly price of silver, in order to know how it came to today’s prices and predict where the trend might be going. At these websites, you can select the periods, such as from 1950 to 1960 or from 1960 to 1970 and so on.

Coins and Bullion

After assessing the silver value history, you can invest in silver in various forms, such as bullion or coins. Though coins and bullion may look similar, the investor must know that bullion is not money and cannot be spent like currency. Coins have a fixed face value on it in the form of half dollars, dimes and so on. The value of the silver bullion is constantly changing depending on the spot price. Some of the bullion you can buy is the American Gold Eagle or the Krugerrands of South Africa.

Calculating the Value

In case of selling silver coins, you need to know the details of the country of issue, the denomination and other details of the mint which will be stamped on both the coins and the bullion. In case of bullion coins or bars, the weight is also mentioned on it in the form of troy ounces. This is the way the prices are mentioned in the trade exchanges, and hence calculation becomes easier. If you have any particular coin, you can look it up at various websites as they give information regarding all the different coins existing. The details given should match your coin exactly, as this may cause a difference in the price of the coin. Even similar coins can have a different pricing, due to the details of the mintage and grade factors.

The price of the bullion in the form of rounds, coins and bars depends on the prevailing market price and this can be known by looking at the spot prices and also knowing trends by viewing the silver value history. While considering bullion or coins, the quality and grade is also important, as uncirculated coins have no wear and tear marks and can naturally get a higher price. When buying coins, you may have to pay a five or ten percent extra, towards the dealer’s profit, above the listed price for the coins or bullion.

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