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Silver Value Calculator

Value of various coins

There are many ways today to find the amount of pure silver present in your silver ware or circulating coins. You can use the silver value calculator which is specific for different coins, such as for US Silver Coin calculator or the Australian silver coin calculator and so on. This can calculate the amount of silver present in your ware and present you with the worth in US or Canadian dollars. You can have the listing of the silver weight in your sample either in the form of ounces or grams.

How to calculate

You can even avail of the value of your coins for a certain period of time to make investment decisions. All kinds of coins are listed in the catalog and you only need to choose the kind of coins that you possess, along with the number of them. You must remember that you should not enter the face value of the coins but the number of coins that you possess as well as the select the kind of silver coin that you have. This kind of silver value calculator is also known as the silver coin melt value calculator, as it tells you the amount of melt silver that is present in your coin.

Default live spot price

Such a silver value calculator is capable of calculating the worth of different types of US coins and the range of coins is also mentioned in these sites. They also provide a live default value of the spot price of silver at the given time, in order to calculate more accurately. You can even change the default price of the particular silver coin to a different value, if you wish to see the worth for a different value at future date. The default prices entered are the closing bid price at the NYMEX.

Calculators for various types of coins

If you have Canadian coins, then you can go to other websites that have the silver value calculator for Canadian circulated coins and select the coins from a drop down box. Details of the face value are also provided on these sites. You can also access various websites where there are auctions going on of various silver coins, along with the prices and the time left to buy them. The pictures of these coins along with their face value are provided. You can choose the kind of calculator you want, such as those for calculating the melt value of Canadian coins, US coins, Australian or New Zealand coins. All you need to do is identify the type of coin you have from among the listed ones, which even gives the year of issue and then select either the bid price or the ask price.

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