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Junk Silver Value

When trying to sell your silver which you feel is useless, tarnished and so on, you can sell it for junk silver value, but this too depends on the market or spot price reigning at the moment. You need to find the actual silver content in the jewelry, coin or silver ware and then calculate the value with the help of the price.

Making profit with junk

If the item you want to trade is pure bullion, then it is a marked one and can be easily sold at the spot prices. However, if the piece needs refining, then many dealers will buy it at the spot price but after reducing the cost for refining and also after deducting a certain amount as their profit margin. It can be more profitable to sell the piece directly to the refiner to get more junk silver value. You can easily make money from silver junk, as silver is very commonly used in many electronic items as well as medicines. You can scour your home or locality for scrap items and then take them to a jeweler to make money out of it.

How to find junk silver

When looking for junk silver, you need to first identify it as silver and differentiate it from other stuff like aluminum or tin. This can be done with a silver acid test, which is available as a kit. If you have any broken or useless bit of silver jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, and rings then you can test it for junk silver value. You can also look for silver coins minted before 1965 which used to have about 90% silver in it. However, make sure that they are not collectibles, as the latter might fetch you more amount than junk value.

Buying junk silver

When buying junk silver, you must remember to offer much less than the current or spot price of silver in the market, as the piece you buy may not have much silver content in it. Also while assessing the junk silver value, you should have a conversion calculator and know the difference between actual silver and other base metals like aluminum, tin or copper, as a mix of these will not get you the same value as silver. Coin dealers can offer you coins at cheap rates, especially if they are tarnished or have no value in the collector’s market. These coins may not have any numismatic value and will fetch you value only for the silver content in it.

Junk silver coins usually contain a varying percent of silver in them, such as ranging from 35% to even 90% and hence have different junk silver value. There are various sites that provide you with details of different coins and their actual silver content weighed in troy oz, along with their face value.

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