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Buying Silver

Investment in silver can be made via ETFs, or the shares of companies that mine for silver. It can even be made by owning silver certificates, or by purchasing digital silver. But for most people, buying and owning silver is all about the actual metal. Silver can be purchased in the form of jewelry, of course. But would your wife look upon her newest earrings as an investment?

The most common way for investors to own silver is through the purchase of silver bullion or coins.

Where can you buy Silver?

Most high streets have at least one gold and silver dealer, particularly as the market has been so buoyant over the last few years and people have been seeking ways to make extra cash. Auction houses are also a good source of silver, usually in the form of jewelry or coins. Then there are specialist coin dealers, who are always happy to help novice investors/ collectors as well as the seasoned veteran.

If you are considering buying silver coins and using a specialist dealer to do so, then always ensure the one you select has a good reputation and a history of coin trading. This type of information is readily available for coin collecting clubs, where members are always pleased to welcome a ‘newbie’. Coin dealers often specialize themselves, so avid coin collectors often build relationships with more than one dealer.

How much should be spent?

When considering any investment, be it in shares, bonds, property, or silver, research is your key to success. A trip to the local library, or an hour spent on the internet will make you better informed as to the value of what you are about to buy. What was the last price of such a piece at auction? How rare is it? What is the current price of silver on the London Metal Exchange? Knowing the answers to these and other questions will mean that you enter the dealer’s premises with the greatest of weapons on your side: knowledge. Such knowledge will help you to strike the best bargain possible.

Remember that coins command a premium over the weight of their silver content, and this will often outweigh the value of the silver itself. If investing in rare coins, try to ensure that you get proof of a coin’s history – called provenance – as this will help it retain value.

Is it possible to negotiate a better price?

Silver bullion, be it in the form of round or bars, is valued according to the weight and purity of the silver content. Whilst you may achieve a very small discount to the asking price, it’s unlikely to be no more than this.

However, if you are buying silver coins from a dealer or privately, then always aim to negotiate a better price. You will already have done your research, and so you’ll be armed with a whole lot of knowledge. You will know what the right price is, and can use this information to negotiate the best price possible. Every penny saved now, is a penny made if and when you eventually sell.

If you are considering buying online, many of the same rules that you would utilize when buying from a high street dealer apply. But you should take extra care online: there are plenty of counterfeiters of coins who take pleasure in selling bogus goods to unsuspecting buyers before disappearing into the sunset.

What about buying silver bullion coins, rounds, or bars?

If you are looking to profit from the value of silver itself, then bullion investing is probably the right choice for you.

Most mints produce silver coins

Most mints around the world produce silver coins, which can be purchased directly or from accredited dealers. Because the mint producing the desired bullion accredits such dealers, investors can be certain of their trustworthiness.

Silver bullion bars come in a range of sizes, to suit investor pockets, though the most popular are 1 ounce, 10-ounce, and 100-ounce bars. Investors can either store their investment themselves, at home in a safe, or perhaps in a safety deposit box in a bank, or can use the facilities of dedicated vaults, often owned and operated by bullion dealers.


Whatever is your preferred investment – bars, rounds, or coins – always ensure that you conduct proper and full research before committing your hard earned cash. Knowing why you are investing, and what you are investing in, will help you to make a great investment decision. Understanding how your investment makes a return will help you invest wisely, and avoid your silver investment tarnishing!

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